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Local battery storage installer or regional renewables fitter? As a trade supplier of SolaX Power products, Home Battery Storage can rapidly supply our trade customers at competitive prices. Enquire today!

The UK is rapidly working towards becoming a self-sufficient, low carbon society, constantly searching for new renewable sources of energy.

With solar and renewable energy on the rise across the UK, it is now time to start thinking about how this will affect businesses and homes alike. As more homeowners begin to look at how they can become more energy efficient, businesses look at how they can fulfil the growing demand for home battery storage solutions quickly and at the best price. 

Home Battery Storage is the UK’s leading supplier of SolaX products. As a direct distribution partner we can offer competitive pricing, quick lead times, and high stock availability – without supply delays. 

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UK’s Lowest Trade Prices for SolaX Products

Home Battery Storage are proud to offer the UK’s lowest trade prices for the complete range of SolaX products

As a trusted supplier across the UK, we are able to ensure that your business benefits from the best quality products at the lowest possible prices in the industry. Not only does this benefit your business, but it benefits your customers too!

Our prices for AC Chargers, Batteries and Hybrid Inverters remain competitive. As a trade customer, you can take advantage of our high stock levels, allowing you to place bulk orders at our competitive pricing rates. In turn, this will help your customer save money on their home battery storage solutions. 

If you are looking for the best products at the best price, get in touch with Home Battery Storage today and discuss your requirements with our team.

Rapid Lead Times

The renewable energy industry is experiencing a surge in demand as more and more individuals and businesses strive to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace environmentally friendly practices. This has led to a strain on many distributors and suppliers of renewable energy products in the UK, who are struggling to keep up with the rising demand.

Despite the challenges faced by the industry, Home Battery Storage is committed to providing its trade customers with exceptional service and quick turnaround times. As a direct distribution partner of SolaX Power products, we understand the importance of meeting deadlines and ensuring that our customers receive their orders promptly. This is especially the case for fitters trade customers, that have their own client base waiting on the installation of their new system.

When you place an order with Home Battery Storage, you can expect to receive your products typically within just five working days. Our efficient and reliable services ensure that your order is processed quickly and delivered to your warehouse without delay. This allows you to rest easy knowing that you can meet your project deadlines and fulfil your own customer orders on time.

High Stock Availability

With demand increasing on a business and domestic level, it is important to ensure that this demand can be met with efficiency. Now more than ever, renewable energy is a topic of interest to the masses and homes are looking to become more energy efficient in the most cost effective way. As domestic demand increases, so does trade demand within the industry. Home Battery Storage understands the need and demand within the industry; as a trusted SolaX supplier, we have exceptional supply and demand for the complete SolaX product range including AC Chargers, Batteries, Hybrid Inverters, and more.

If you are looking to keep your warehouse stocked up and want to specialise in a range of SolaX products, get in touch with our team today. Our rapid and reliable services can ensure that your deadlines are met with your own customers, and you can fulfil the growing demand without any delays. As a trusted distributor of SolaX, we can ensure that your products will be delivered quickly, meaning that not only does Home Battery Storage have high stock availability, but so does your business!

We Can Supply Product Training & Technical Support

For fitters searching for technical support or product training for the SolaX Power range, we here at Home Battery Storage UK, are happy to supply and organise this. Our relationship with SolaX Power as a trusted distributor and supplier of their products, means we have access to technical training as well as product support.

This means you can expand your knowledge on the SolaX Power product range and become a certified installer in no time. This training is directly arranged with the manufacturer themselves, so you can trust that the advice and knowledge provided is both technically correct and up-to-date. 

As a part of their offer, SolaX Power provides training courses to help you become a premium installer. This training is provided by their UK technical manager and is delivered in a range formats, including monthly online webinars, videos and tutorials, and in-person training at their UK head office. 

Get in touch with your trade enquiry today, and we can help you with technical support and product training.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Trade Enquiry

If you’re looking for a SolaX Power supplier that can deliver on quality, efficiency, and service, look no further than Home Battery Storage UK. Our commitment to excellence means that you can trust us to meet your renewable energy needs, no matter how big or small your project may be.

As a direct distribution partner of SolaX Power, we can offer unmatched supply chain efficiency and UK’s lowest trade prices for SolaX products, we’re pleased to offer our service to local installers, regional fitters, and other trade requirements.

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Your Trade Questions Answered

Here at Home Battery Storage UK we are a specialist distributor of SolaX Power products. This means we can guarantee high stock levels, quick turn around, and competitive pricing. 

We also supply technical support and product training directly from the manufacturer to support your installation of Home Battery Storage systems. Get in touch today to see how we can help you and your business.

SolaX Power does not sell their products directly to installers, traders, or fitters. They only supply their products to trusted distributors and partners, to ensure efficiency and rapid distribution. 

As an exclusive distributor of SolaX products we provide prompt, accurate, and reliable services – and at competitive, trade prices.

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Our competitive pricing means we can proudly say we offer the UK’s lowest trade prices for SolaX Products.

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Our relationship with SolaX as a trusted distributor and supplier of their products, means we have access to technical training as well as product support.


This training is directly arranged with the manufacturer themselves to help you become a certified installer. Get in touch to discuss details.

We are more than happy to provide a fixed price quote based on your specific requirements.

Please note, the above example is for a full system and so would include both the AC Charger and Battery components.

Many distributors and suppliers of renewable energy products across the UK are struggling to supply increasing demand. At Home Battery Storage, we are pleased to offer our customers high stock availability, so you don’t have to worry when placing a bulk trade order.

Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

Many distributors and suppliers of renewable energy products across the UK are struggling to supply increasing demand, resulting in long lead times. For our trade customers we are able to offer rapid turn around. After placing your order with Home Battery Storage you should typically expect your products in your warehouse within only 5 working days.

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