Retro Fit Batteries & AC Chargers

If you have been in the solar (PV) panels game for years but have not yet seen the benefits of the power you generate, why not give this a rethink.

With retro fit solar PV batteries or AC Chargers, you can start to maximise your solar benefits. Any excess energy generated can be stored for you to use in your home at night! Home Battery Storage, a leading UK supplier for trade and domestic customers, can supply you with the best Solax retro fit products at the best prices!

What Is Retro Fit for Solar Battery Solutions?

What does retro fit mean?

To retro fit is to make a change to something you already have. If you have solar (PV) panels on your roof, you can retro fit to this system and start to store your energy instantly in a battery or ac charger system. Any stored-up energy can then be used to power your home at night, costing you less!

A retro fit AC Charger is designed to send excess energy through from your solar panels to the battery, ready to be used later in the day. Batteries can be retrofitted if you did not have one installed with your initial solar panels.

Home Solar Panels on Roof - Solar Battery Storage

Benefits of a Solar PV Battery Storage Retro Fit?

Retro fitting comes with a number of benefits for your home, including:

  • Using your self-generated power
  • Cost saving in the long run
    • You will often find yourselves on a tariff with better night rates
    • Find out more about night rates here… [link to Beth’s landing page?]
  • Renewable energy – perfect for those looking to go green!
  • The maintenance is low in terms of cost and time

If you are looking for a way to become more renewable in your home and find cost-effective ways to run your home, why not consider a retro fit solution from Home Battery Storage today. Our complete range of Solax products can provide you with high levels of satisfaction and guarantee.

You can view our products and prices online. If you cannot find the product you are looking for, enquire with us. We can supply all Solax products!

For trade enquires, please get in touch with Home Battery Storage today. With a quick turnaround, high levels of stock available and the best prices guaranteed, you won’t find a better trade supplier of Solax power products!

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