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Home Battery Storage is on the rise in the UK. As technology evolves, so does the need for renewables and finding new ways to become more efficient. Home Battery Storage are here to provide you with the best home batteries on the market at an unbeatable price!

An Evolving Home Battery Storage System

Installing a battery storage system in your home is a great way to become more self-sufficient and try to reduce your electricity bills.

If you have solar panels installed, you can efficiently store the excess electricity that you generate during the day within your home battery storage system. You are then able to use this stored electricity during the evening when your electricity consumption increases.

The size of battery storage you will need depends very much on how much electricity you can generate during the day. Solax batteries are the best on the market, starting with a capacity of 3.0 kWh. There are a wide range of options available from Solax to ensure that when you invest in home battery storage in the UK, you get the maximum from your investment.

If you are looking to maximise your self-generated electricity, help towards reducing carbon emissions or try to find ways to invest in the future, this may be the way forward for you.

Batteries Available for Your Home

As this is a rapidly evolving and ever-growing market, there are many different options available. Home Battery Storage are a leading supplier of Solax batteries and AC chargers with a range including:

  • Triple Power Batteries
  • Triple Power X-ESS Batteries
  • Hybrid Solar Inverters
  • X1 AC Chargers
  • X1 Retro Fit AC Chargers

Each of these products comes with its own array of benefits, but one of the advantages that apply to the entire range is that with a home battery storage system installed in our home, you can ensure you never lose power, even during a power cut!

Contact Home Battery Storage

If this is an investment that you have decided is right for you, why not get in touch with Home Battery Storage today. We are a leading UK supplier of Solax batteries, AC chargers and hybrid Inverters. We are able to supply these products with quick turnaround, at the cheapest price available!

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