Battery Storage Systems

A battery storage system is a device that stores electrical energy in rechargeable batteries for later use. Home Battery Storage are a trusted supplier of Solax products for trade and domestic use across the UK.

Types of Battery Storage Systems

With renewable energy on the rise, now is the time to invest renewable energy! Home Battery Storage are pleased to supply Solax Home Batteries and AC Chargers.

The Batteries available include:

Triple Power 5.8 kWh

Triple Power X-ESS 3.0 kWh

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Triple Power 5.8 kWh Battery

The Solax triple power battery is a high voltage battery solution for your home. It encompasses the latest LFP technology, ensuring safer installations and a wider tolerance of temperatures. This battery is a practical, high performance energy storage solution for any home. 

Benefits of a Triple Power Battery

  • Triple Power Batteries have 90% depth of discharge and a 10 year warranty
  • Batteries have a floor to wall mounting capability to be flexible in any home
  • Long life cycle for this battery
  • Helps improve self consumption and lessen it overall

Home Battery Storage are able to supply the Triple Power Battery quickly throughout the UK, ensuring that home are always supplied with power, no matter the circumstances. 

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Triple Power X-ESS 3.0 kWh

The Triple Power X-ESS Battery is a high-voltage, all in one storage solution for your home. This battery has been designed and developed by Solax to provide for the future of residential energy storage. Compatible with 4th generation  Hybrid Inverters and the latest Triple Power Batteries, this is the next step to renewable power in your home!

Benefits of the Triple Power X-ESS Battery

  • All in one system for your storage
  • Single phase and three phase models available
  • Ensures full battery charge within 1 hour
  • 150% power capability!

Home Battery Storage are able to supply the Triple Power X-ESS Battery to all homes throughout the UK with a quick turn around. This means you can be sure you will never be without power at home in the future!

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