Single Phase AC Chargers

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Types of AC Chargers

With renewable energy on the rise, now is the time to invest renewable energy! Home Battery Storage are pleased to supply Solax Home Batteries and AC Chargers. A single-phase AC charger for home battery storage converts AC from the grid into DC to charge a battery and power your home.

The AC Chargers available include:

X1 AC 3.6kW

X1 Retro Fit 3.7 kW & 5 kW

5.8 Charger - scaled

X1 AC Chargers

The Solax X1 AC Charger is a high quality inverter that can store energy efficiently in a battery. They have been designed to storage additional energy, allowing you to optimise your self consumption for future use. 

Benefits of the X1 AC Charger

  • This charger can be fitted alongside any string inverter currently on the market
  • No need to change current installation; this is an upgrade without the need to change
  • No disruption to current system monitoring or feed-in-tariff payments

Home Battery Storage are able to supply the X1 AC Charger quickly, meaning you can start benefiting from your home battery straight away!

X1 AC Charger

X1 Retro Fit Chargers

The single phase X1 Retro Fit Charger is a great way to storage power for future use in your home.  Similarly to the X1 AC Charger, it is designed to store additional energy in your battery to use in your home. An additional benefit to the Retro Fit charger is that it can also use stored power to keep your home powered even if there is a loss of power!

Benefits of the X1 Retro Fit Charger

  • Compatible with every inverter manufacturer
  • Provides an upgrade to your existing system
  • Can provide power even in a power loss

Home Battery Storage are able to supply this Retro Fit charger with a quick turn around, giving you the reassurance that you will not be without power at any point in the future!

X1 Retro Fit Charger

X1 - Hybrid G4 Solar Inverter

The Solax X1 – Hybrid G4 Inverter is a great way to ensure you do not go without power in your future. It has an in-built control for you to have complete control of how you manage the power generated by your home. It also has the added benefit of you being able to increase your self consumption of solar power. 

Benefits of the X1 - Hybrid G4

  • Compatible with leading lithium-ion battery solutions
  • Charge from the grid functionality
  • Lessens electricity consumption from the grid

Home Battery Storage have this Hybrid Solar Inverter available to purchase with a quick turn around. This gives you added benefit at home and reassures you when it comes to your power. 

X1 Hybrid G4

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